Why Join Us

The Dominican Republic’s Fastest Growing Business Process Outsourcing Company.

Apply now and hopefully become a part of the exciting revolution quickly engulfing the Island. We are building something great and unique compared to any currently existing on the market. We’re leveraging the latest trends, methodologies and technologies to build a coherent, cohesive and consolidated team that is excellent at performing and having lots of fun whilst at it!

How To Become A Part Of The Corpshore Family

Consider the steps below to join our team


Submit your information on the application page. We review new applications every week!


You’ll be contacted by our human resources team should your application pass our hiring protocols. You can expect a thorough process during the interview.

Get Hired

If you pass the interview stage, we’ll extend a tentative work agreement for 3 months with relevant bonuses and incentives (as applicable by law)

Become A Permanent Team Member

After the 3-month probation period expires, you’ll graduate to becoming a permanent member of our team. Voila! You’re now a part of the Corpshore family

10 Reasons Why You Should Apply to Work With Us

  • Diverse campaign options to choose and work from. We literally cover a plethora of business processes ranging from customer service, technical support, back office and help desk to software development, robotic process automation and telemedicine. You can easily and readily fit right in!
  • Diverse language options. Unlike many other BPO firms, we literally accept (and prioritize) proficiency in languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Afrikaans etc. The more of these languages you speak and write in, the better your chances!
  • Stable and reliable campaigns. The majority of our campaigns have a long term commitment and focus. This means, you can be rest assured of having job stability and not having to worry about attrition
  • Competitive salary/wage, remuneration, incentives and bonuses/commissions package. Our pay rates are amongst the most competitive in the Dominican, Caribbean and Latin American BPO industry
  • Flexible work options. We offer on-site, work-from-home, work from-anywhere and hybrid options to all eligible staff members
  • Proprietary methodologies and protocols. We consistently develop and implement high level processes and systems to yield the best results on all our campaigns. Staff members are more fulfilled in their roles and clients as a result are happy to continue with us
  • State of the art technology. We deploy state of the art software and hardware technologies to make the work of all our team members easier and exciting
  • Ample career advancement opportunities. We unequivocally provide the fastest career advancement opportunities for highly motivated, productive and prolific staff members. Outstanding and ambitious staff members with the right levels of attitude, work ethic and integrity can expect to quickly progress from entry level to mid or even upper level within a year!
  • Multiple employee welfare and support channels. We offer various support channels to address and resolve any inquiries and concerns whilst you're working with us. We’ll endeavour to resolve any issues within the shortest possible time
  • Employee centric company structure. The epicentre of our campaign execution, management and growth are our team members. This means that we prioritize equipping, training and complementing your work with the right programs, modules, schemes, systems and equipment to ensure that you’re empowered to give us nothing but your very best. The BPO industry is very notorious for attrition and we try our very best to minimize that at Corpshore. We are proud to assert that we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry! When you get in, you’ll find it very, very difficult to leave!
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