Diverse Campaign Options

Customer Service, Technical Support, Software Development, Chatbots, Collections..you name it! We specialize in all of them

Great Work Atmosphere

Be it work from home, on-site or hybrid options, you can be certain to quickly fall in love and become very motivated with your work

Competitive Pay Rates & Incentives

Top performing team members can expect very handsome salaries/wages, commissions and bonus options. We indeed pay for excellent performance!

The Dominican Republic’s Fastest Growing Business Process Outsourcing Company.

Apply now and hopefully become a part of the exciting revolution quickly engulfing the Island. We are building something great and unique compared to any currently existing on the market. We’re leveraging the latest trends, methodologies and technologies to build a coherent, cohesive and consolidated team that is excellent at performing and having lots of fun whilst at it!

What We Do

Here are a selection of some of our most important business processes and campaign options

Customer Service/Support (inbound/outbound; voice/non voice)
Technical Support & Troubleshooting
Back Office
Help Desk
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Software Development
Literature Reviews
Travel & Tour Reservations
Robotic Process Automation

About Our Company

Corpshore Dominicana is a diversified Business Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing Services provider headquartered in Santo Domingo. We are pleased to provide a wide variety of contact centre and software development campaign options for all our team members. Be it work from home, working on-site or switching between both options, you’ll easily find yourself integrated into our fold. We also accommodate and encourage candidates from all races, age groups, languages and life experiences to become a part of our team.

Our Vision

Spearheading the revolution of the BPO and IT Outsourcing industry via the integration of the latest technologies, methodologies and top-notch human resource solutions

Our Mission

Providing a sustainable and fulfilling work experience for all our staff members on the Hispaniola Island whilst simultaneously delivering excellent services for all our corporate clients.

Become A Vital Part Of A Vibrant Team

Apply now and become a part of a cohesive group that is geared towards long term growth and sustainability. We are an equal opportunity employer and we are happy to provide equal options to all applicants without any form of discrimination or prejudice. However, we are also very selective and we provide merits to all applicants based on the following important qualification criteria

  • Years of industry experience
  • Post-secondary school credentials
  • High levels of proficiency in the relevant languages for our campaigns
  • Punctuality and high levels of commitment
  • Ambitious and hardworking candidate

How To Become A Part Of The Corpshore Family

Consider the steps below to join our team


Submit your information on the application page. We review new applications every week!


You’ll be contacted by our human resources team should your application pass our hiring protocols. You can expect a thorough process during the interview.

Get Hired

If you pass the interview stage, we’ll extend a tentative work agreement for 3 months with relevant bonuses and incentives (as applicable by law)

Become A Permanent Team Member

After the 3-month probation period expires, you’ll graduate to becoming a permanent member of our team. Voila! You’re now a part of the Corpshore family

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out a selection of FAQs regarding our company and processes

Corpshore Dominicana is the fastest growing business process outsourcing and IT outsourcing company located in the Dominican Republic. We employ thousands of team members from all parts of the Hispaniola Island (the Dominican Republic & Haiti) to work on campaigns typically from Canada, the United States and Western Europe.

Everywhere! Seriously? Yes! Besides having multiple on-site locations in Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Santiago, our fast growing virtual contact centers (work from home/anywhere) leverage each of the unique locations of each of our team members all across the island to build a cohesive and powerful BPO network that simply delivers the best quality support systems to all our global clientele..

All types! Our most quintessential campaigns include customer service/support, technical support, omnichannel, back office, help desk, collections, payroll, accounting, billing, troubleshooting, software development, chatbots, robotics, literature reviews, travel & tour reservations, robotic process automation, digital transformation and more. You can easily fit in with any of our business processes that most suit your skill sets and experience.

University/college graduate (very exceptional candidates still in university/college or high school graduates will be considered)

Demonstrable experience related to any of the positions you are applied for

High levels of oral and written language proficiency in any of the relevant campaign languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Punjabi, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu etc. Bilingual/multilingual candidates will be prioritized

Great question! We’ve endeavoured as much as possible to differentiate ourselves from the other guys on the market. Yes, call centres are notorious for cramped spaces, gruelling work sessions, attrition and lack of loyalty & commitment both ways between companies and team members. We differentiate ourselves by emphasizing on;

Very attractive and competitive compensation packages,

Flexible work schedules (part-time/full-time, day shift/night shift, on-site/hybrid/work from home) Vibrant work environment,

Cutting edge hardware, software and equipment to work with on-site (support systems provided for eligible work-from home/hybrid team members)

Multiple employee welfare and support channels,

The fastest career advancement opportunities on the island (opportunities to quickly graduate towards higher level positions with increased pay for exceptional team members)

At Corpshore Dominicana, we encourage all our team members to aspire and work harder towards taking on higher echelon positions within our company. We prefer to hire our next manager, site director or executive team member from amongst our existing team members rather than providing that opportunity to someone from outside. We believe our sustainability is assured when we provide these advancements opportunities to our existing team members. We prefer our top level

team members to rise through the ranks and justify their position. So when you join our team, you have a relatively higher chance of becoming a supervisor, manager, director or executive director compared to other BPOs in the industry. You can only aspire and dream more at Corpshore Dominicana!

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