Top 30 BPO companies in Canada

Top 30 BPO companies in Canada

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has taken the world by storm. From Southeast Asia to North America, the industry never felt the lack of external service providers. With BPO companies popping in left and right, there is bound to be competition amongst them. The Philippines remains to be the world’s call center capital while India covets the top spot for IT external providers.

On the other side of the world, Canada remains a strict contender for nearshore outsourcing. The Great White North also has its own thriving BPO industry to nurture and take care of.

Most people hear the world ‘outsourcing’ and immediately think of offshore countries such as India, the Philippines, and China. In reality, Canada, alongside the US, has seen a ramp-up with outsourcing companies in the last 20 years.

However, according to a report, the global BPO industry is expected to reach USD 343.2 billion by 2025 – something BPO companies around the world can collectively take credit for

Top 30 Canadian BPO outsourcing companies

  1. 24-7 Intouch
  2. Paradigm Quest
  3. Gexel
  4. CanadaDirect
  5. Bill Gosling Outsourcing
  6. Millennium 1 Solutions
  7. Advantage Communications
  8. Fusion BPO Services
  9. SureCall
  10. Agents Republic
  11. Global Empire
  12. Martal Group
  13. Task Network
  14. Miratel
  15. Veta Virtual
  16. @Liveconx
  17. Telelink
  18. AppointmentSetter
  19. Lead Generators International
  20. VoiceLogic
  22. Corpshore Solutions
  23. Atlantic Growth Solutions
  24. 24H Virtual
  25. Line One
  26. AnswerFone
  27. Open Call Centre
  28. Purple Sales
  29. Lead Generation Media
  30. Simpro Solutions

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Canada and its emerging BPO industry

Canada is known for its picturesque locations, hospitality, and diversified culture. It’s also home to hundreds of outsourcing companies that offer services to its neighboring countries.

According to Lexology, the country’s outsourcing sector is regulated by both the federal government, as well as its ten provinces and three territories. Through proper government support, Canada has created regulations that helped the country be a significant force in the BPO sector.

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In fact, Tholons 2021 Global Innovation Index named Canada as the Top 3 Digital Nation worldwide – next only to the United States and India. Additionally, from last year’s third place, Toronto took the #1 spot as it led Tholons’ Top 20 Super Cities list!

As a bilingual nation, Canada’s BPO industry can harness this advantage and offer services that can make them stand out against the very competitive market.

Top 30 BPO companies in Canada

Here are the top 30 BPO companies in Canada:

1. 24-7 Intouch

20-some years ago, 24-7 Intouch was launched in Winnipeg, Canada. From live chat channels to content moderation, the company serves some of the biggest brands and organizations across the world.

2. Paradigm Quest

Paradigm Quest is the first business process outsourcing company in Canada that is dedicated to mortgages. Founded in 2004, the company has 17 mortgage brands all across the country.

3. Gexel

With more than a decade of experience under their belt, Gexel is a contact center based in Quebec. The company offers an omnichannel communication line: voice, chat, e-mail, and social media. They also offer bilingual services for their clients and customers.

4. CanadaDirect

CanadaDirect has a wide range of services that the organization tailors to its client base. From inbound to outbound calling channels, the company offers these quality services by using their superior Voice Assistant Solution (VAS) technology.

5. Bill Gosling Outsourcing

Pioneering the outsourcing industry, Bill Gosling Outsourcing was founded in Ontario, Canada in 1955. The organization grew with the ripening of the outsourcing and offshoring practice. From customer acquisition to account management, Bill Gosling has it all.

6. Millennium1 Solutions

With a headquarters in Toronto, Millennium1 provides excellent end-to-end B2B and B2C solutions for many companies and multinational corporations across the globe. Their client base includes manufacturing, government, retail services, and more.

7. Advantage Communications

Advantage Communications of Prince Edward Island prides itself on offering top-of-the-line outsourced solutions for businesses and corporations alike. The company innovates customer solutions to another level and does so in an efficient way.

8.  Fusion BPO Services

Hailing from Montreal in Canada, Fusion BPO services is one of the fastest-growing nearshore agencies in North America. With bilingual employees holding post-secondary education, this company is proud to offer services such as quality assurance, voice processes, and order-taking services.

9.  SureCall Contact Centre

With offices in Canada and the US, SureCall Contact Centre has all its bases covered. From providing back-office services to taking care of front-facing tasks, the company drives its purpose home.

10.  Agents Republic

Agents Republic is a contact center based in British Columbia, Canada. The company offers multilingual support for its customer service programs and campaigns. They also provide high-quality omnichannel communication avenues for their client base. Oscillating across various industries, the Agents Republic is one of its kind.

11. Global Empire

As the name suggests, Global Empire is an international organization located in Alberta, Canada. The business support they provide is extensive, from AI automation to cybersecurity and fraud prevention. It’s safe to say that they changed the game for outsourcing in North America.

12. Martal Group

Martal Group remains to be one of the fastest-growing B2B lead generation companies in Canada. With unmatchable numbers growing day by day, the organization works with some of the biggest names in the game.

13. Task Network

With offices in Toronto and Manila, Philippines, Task Network brought its services from one hemisphere to another. The company provides over 20 business support services, ranging from acquisition to paralegal services.

14. Miratel

Miratel has more than 21 years of experience in outsourcing. With those years come millions of interactions with customers and clients alike.

From world-class services of lottery and raffle fundraising to more traditional services such as inbound and outbound calls, the company prides itself on a job well done.

15. Veta Virtual

Veta Virtual is eliminating the malpractice of businesses not picking up their phones. The company offers virtual receptionist services for companies that can’t seem to take a minute out of their busy schedules. With strict business hours from 9 AM to 5 PM EST, their virtual receptionists are all ready to take on calls for you.

16. @Liveconx

A 24/7 inbound contact center solution in Canada goes by the name of @Liveconx. This nifty little detail gives them an edge against their competitors in the region. Most of them have business hours that encompass EST while @Liveconx covers all the bases. If anything should be taken from their brilliant idea, it’s that business waits for no one.

Another 24/7 live answering service hails from Newfoundland in Canada. They offer contact solutions to businesses that would like to ramp up the quality of their customer service. In the business world, companies can’t afford to miss a single phone call.

18. AppointmentSetter

B2B lead generation is an important facet of every budding business out there. That’s why AppointmentSetter, a pay-per-lead outsourcing company in Toronto, Canada, delivers top-quality leads to their customers.

19. Lead Generators International

Lead Generators International is a Canadian company that provides B2B telemarketing services. With a headquarters in Vancouver, they have their client base covered with lead generation, telephone surveys, and more.

20. VoiceLogic

Since 1996, VoiceLogic has been providing call center services to businesses in Canada. Pioneering in the latest voice and marketing technology, the company guarantees a 100% success rate per call.


Their area of expertise ranges from outsourced customer service to collections. VOXDATA Canada has been in the business for over 20 years. They specialize in industries such as finance, insurance, telecoms, energy, and utilities.

22. Corpshore Solutions

Corpshore Solutions arms itself with nearly all the known branches of outsourcing. The company serves industries near and offshore, providing top-quality services to emerging and well-established businesses. Located in Toronto, their Canadian office serves as the headquarters for innovators.

23. Atlantic Growth Solutions

AGS is a B2B lead generation company based in New Brunswick, Canada. With a 100% guarantee on valid and qualified leads, the company provides outsourced services to businesses all across North America.

24. 24H Virtual

Another 24/7 virtual receptionist Canadian company and yet they offer services like no other. 24H Virtual provides clients with auto-receptionist services for when daily business calls get overwhelming.

25. Line One

Tailored to you is Line One’s tagline and they make sure that they diligently follow that. From outsourced customer solutions to advisory assistance, Line One custom fits their services to your business.

26. AnswerFone

Based in Winnipeg, AnswerFone’s expertise ranges from outbound services to live telephone receptionists. The company provides its solutions to clients all around the US and Canada, offering top-of-the-line customer support.

27. Open Call Centre

As the name suggests, Open Call Centre is a one-stop solution for your business needs. From inside sales to real estate coaching, the company offers programs that guarantee optimal results in due time. Based in Calgary and Nevada, Open Call Centre is one of North America’s top outsourcing companies.

28. Purple Sales

Based in Toronto, Purple Sales helps tech companies reach their goals—that’s this company’s mission. Purple Sales is a hybrid of sales and marketing, with teams from all over North America and Europe.

29. Lead Generation Media

Lead Generation Media from Ontario, Canada provides qualified leads ranging from different industries. From SEO and web development leads to HVAC prospects, the company has dedicated teams to each.

30. Simpro Solutions

Last but certainly not least, Simpro Solutions provides simple and straightforward business solutions to their clients. Based in Toronto and in Miami, the company offers tailored services such as customer retention and outsourced services.

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